The AYA  AVA Collective (AAC) is one of the 22 interstellar collectives that are currently assisting humankind. They are called a Collective because they mingle by affinity their individual identities into one that represents them all.  

The ACC’s presence on Earth dates back the second intervention by the Galactic Federation. This happened during the fourth human extinction, when an influx of alien races into Earth’s civilizations altered the course and development of their people.
Since then, they have continuously deployed envoys that are charged with maintaining and guaranteeing the Galactic order in this Universal Sector. Each of these envoys has a biological body (human or non-human) that allows them to adjust their frequencies to the terrestrial environment they live in.

AAC Composition
The AAC consists of individuals and other collectives who come from many multiversal segments and sectors. Their organization does not have a hierarchy. It is based solely on associations built on resonance and affinity. All of them, individually or collectively, are ready to immerse simultaneously as CEO and staff within the territory they have been assigned.
Some are terrestrially embodied, while others are still active at their place of origin. Those embodied follow the instructions that were encoded in their DNA by themselves before they were born. Their unembodied peers assist them to regain their original memories and gain awareness through their lives.
The AAC doesn’t have headquarters or a centralized command center. Instead, they function as associations of star clusters. They act as a pivot axis that bonds them all by gravitational pull. They are located mainly near the core of galaxies.

The AAC’s presence spans many universes, including this one. They are focused on those galactic points that cause dissonance or interference within their system. The AAC corrects, eliminates, aligns, and redirects noise and distortion from the very place where they are emanated. Their action is restricted to LightWorkers and excludes humans so as to respect their free-will. They perform simultaneously as both overseers and doers in every activity they undertake.
They are neither male nor female in gender, but they are far from being neutral. They take on an essence, masculine or feminine, to express themselves. For example, all of them might agree on being of a female essence. So, all of them will identify themselves and behave as female.
They are timeless and they can be found wherever they want to express themselves. They can only come together multidimensionally and/or multiversally. They meet in common vibrational points called “friendly zones.” This allows them to come from and return to their own existences in a harmless way.
They all have multilayered energy bodies, and some of them take on a physical one. Others do not have a physical body but do hold a multitude of frequencies instead. In addition, there are some who have a non-biological physical body in energy states that we do not yet know about. All these bodies, in general, are primarily light carriers.

Role For Humanity
The ACC is well-known to humanity. They were preceptors in distant civilizations, now extinct, for homogenization of human frequencies, standardizing their size, physiognomy and habits.
Many races roaming universes used Earth and her species for scientific exploration and abuse. These alien races altered the natural systems to their advantage, making the Planet unhabitable for many of the human types that they crafted. This led to the extinction of several human types.
Once homogenized, the human species adapted easily to the new environments recomposed for hosting Earth’s creatures in a symbiotic fashion

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