Lumina Sapientiae

In antiquis temporibus, homines et mulieres sapientiam quaerebant in naturae sinu. Arborum susurri et fluminum cantus docebat eos de vita et universi mysteriis. Stellae in caelo nocturno lucebant, viam veritatis illuminantes. Amicitia et amor in cordibus humanis florebant, et omnes in harmonia cum mundo vivebant.

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This image, the Seed of Life, a geometric representation, symbolizes the six sectors that support Light Workers in their work on this planet.

What is your LIFE PURPOSE?

THE 6 SECTORS invites you to remember

LightWorker, it is time to call things by their own name… It is time for you to meet your Six Sectors

A Sector is a thematic platform from which your individual support group behind the veil operates. These Sectors are specific zones within your personal Universe, intentionally existing to support you in retrieving your original memories and facilitating the manifestation of your true life purpose.

Graphic representation titled 'Unveiling the Visual Journey: The 6 Sectors,' illustrating the various sectors that support an individual's life purpose.

THE 6 SECTORS comes to you “LightWorker,” awake or asleep, as a gift from the Heavens for your ‘LightWork’

 This image, the Seed of Life, a geometric representation, symbolizes the six sectors that support Light Workers in their work on this planet.

Why Are You Here?

THE 6 SECTORS is a compelling channeled message written for you, light worker, to remind you who you are. The loving voices of the multidimensional AYA AVA Collective open a space for the remembering of your original memories and the manifestation of what you, light worker, came to do.

Who Really Are You?

The 6 Sectors is a book for LightWorkers, inviting them to remember who they really are. Its pages are a gift from the invisible to those who want to savor the flavors of the unknown in the visible world. There is no method or protocol; your own Light, LightWorker, will shine on your path.

Constanza Castano

Meet the Team Behind the Book

THE 6 SECTORS is a book channeled in its entirety. Unyza, representing The AYA AVA Collective, dictated “THE 6 SECTORS: Meet Your Team From Behind the Veil” to Constanza Castano. She channeled this book in Santa Fe, NM, USA, from 2014 to 2015, at a time when her proficiency in English was limited to a working level. Despite this, she successfully navigated the complexities of English grammatical constructs, highlighting her unique capabilities as an author. This extraordinary ability to channel in a language not fully mastered is referred to as xenoglossia.

The Publisher, Unique Authors, has made every effort to preserve the author’s unique voice, amending the manuscript as minimally as possible. This approach ensures that readers receive the content as closely as it was originally dictated, respecting Constanza’s request. She emphasized that she received packages of energy encoded in the original words, highlighting the importance of maintaining the integrity of the text.

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