Constanza Castano

Constanza is a trans-dimensional bridge between Light Workers and their own people behind the veil. Her many talents enable them to be closer, connecting reciprocally the visible and the invisible.
Constanza has been crossing the veil for over two decades to find answers to those who are not able to do it themselves yet. Constanza “downloads information from the clouds,” literally. Her ability to find precise answers regardless of the topic, makes her a neutral link capable of fostering a conversation between interlocutors from dimensions apart.

In addition, Constanza’s work motivates awareness of the unique memories, identities, talents, and chosen journeys Light Workers. Her channeling assists them to discover, define, or review their individual and collective life purposes.

With the guidance of the Light Worker’s personal Soul and Sectors Group, Constanza creates a safe channel for intentional communication. This assisted contact inspires a moment of remembering by retrieving original memories and knowledge forgotten with the terrestrial embodiment.

Past, present, and future can be visited and explored by her hand.

As a Transpersonal Professional, her skills allow her to perform in fields as diverse as Health, R&D, Storytelling, Foresight, Innovation, Agriculture, Futurism, and Sustainability.


Constanza offers the following services in English, Spanish, and French:

•Guided Wisdom: Direct communication with spiritual guides, your 6 Sectors, and spirits and Light Beings from higher planes.
•Akashic Insights: Access to untapped information from the Akashic Records, revealing your original blueprint and true purpose.
•Knowledge Channeling: Apart from personal insights, Constanza can channel information on diverse subjects such as science, technology, sustainability, economy, and politics.
•Bridging Beyond: Profound communication with those who have passed away.
•Foresight and Distance Viewing: Constanza uses these abilities to provide her clients with insights into their upcoming opportunities and challenges, as well as to help them understand complex situations.
•Confidentiality: Constanza ensures 100% confidentiality for all clients.

In addition to her individual sessions, Constanza also offers mentorship and spiritual liaisoning services. This means that she can assist you to develop your own psychic mediumship abilities and to deepen your connection to the spiritual realms.


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